aiapy.calibrate.correct_degradation(smap, *, correction_table=None, calibration_version=None)[source]#

Apply time-dependent degradation correction to an AIA map.

This function applies a time-dependent correction to an AIA observation by dividing the observed intensity by the correction factor calculated by degradation. Any keyword arguments that can be passed to degradation can also be passed in here.

  • smap (AIAMap) – Map to be corrected.

  • correction_table (Table or str, optional) – Table of correction parameters or path to correction table file. If not specified, it will be queried from JSOC. See aiapy.calibrate.util.get_correction_table for more information. If you are processing many images, it is recommended to read the correction table once and pass it with this argument to avoid multiple redundant network calls.

  • calibration_version (int, optional) – The version of the calibration to use when calculating the degradation. By default, this is the most recent version available from JSOC. If you are using a specific calibration response file, you may need to specify this according to the version in that file.



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