aiapy.calibrate.estimate_error(counts: Unit('ct / pix'), channel: Unit('Angstrom'), *, n_sample=1, include_preflight=False, include_eve=False, include_chianti=False, error_table=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Given an observed number of counts estimate the associated errors.

Calculate the error for a given set of counts for a given channel. This calculation includes errors from the shot noise, read noise, quantization, and onboard compression. The calculation can also optionally include contributions from the photometric calibration and errors in the atomic data.


This function is adapted directly from the routine in SolarSoft.

  • counts (Quantity) – Observed counts. These should NOT be divided by the exposure time.

  • channel (Quantity) – The corresponding channel for the observed counts.

  • n_sample (int, optional) – How many measurements (adjacent pixels, or consecutive images) were averaged to produce the measured counts.

  • include_preflight (bool, optional) – Use the preflight photometric calibration. If True, include_eve must be False.

  • include_eve (bool, optional) – Use the EVE photometric calibration. If True, include_preflight must be False.

  • include_chianti (bool, optional) – If True, include the atomic data errors from CHIANTI in the uncertainty.

  • error_table (QTable or path-like, optional) – Error table to use. Can be an existing table or a path to a file. If an error table is not specified, the latest version will be downloaded from SolarSoft. Once you’ve downloaded this once, you won’t need to download it again unless the remote version changes.