aiapy.calibrate.register(smap, *, missing=None, order=3, method='scipy')[source]#

Processes a full-disk level 1 AIAMap into a level 1.5 AIAMap.

Rotates, scales and translates the image so that solar North is aligned with the y axis, each pixel is 0.6 arcsec across, and the center of the Sun is at the center of the image. The actual transformation is done by the rotate method.


This function might not return a 4096 by 4096 data array due to the nature of rotating and scaling the image. If you need a 4096 by 4096 image, you will need to pad the array manually, update header: crpix1 and crpix2 by the difference divided by 2 in size along that axis. Then create a new map.

Please open an issue on the aiapy GitHub page if you would like to see this changed.


This routine modifies the header information to the standard PCi_j WCS formalism. The FITS header resulting in saving a file after this procedure will therefore differ from the original file.

  • smap (AIAMap or HMIMap) – A Map containing a full-disk AIA image or HMI magnetogram

  • missing (float, optional) – If there are missing values after the interpolation, they will be filled in with missing. If None, the default value will be the minimum value of smap

  • order (int, optional) – Order of the spline interpolation.

  • method ({'scipy', 'scikit-image', 'opencv', 'cupy'}, optional) – Rotation function to use. Defaults to 'scipy'.


AIAMap or HMIMap – A level 1.5 copy of AIAMap or HMIMap.