aiapy.calibrate.util.get_pointing_table(start, end)[source]#

Retrieve 3-hourly master pointing table from the JSOC.

This function queries JSOC for the 3-hourly master pointing table (MPT) in the interval defined by start and end. The 3-hourly MPT entries are computed from limb fits of images with T_OBS between T_START and T_STOP.


A MPT entry covers the interval [T_START:T_STOP); that is, the interval includes T_START and excludes T_STOP.


While it is generally true that TSTOP = T_START + 3 hours, there are edge cases where T_STOP is more than 3 hours after T_START because of a calibration, an eclipse, or other reasons, but the fits are still calculated based on images from T_START to T_START + 3 hours. Pointing is not stable during these periods, so the question of which MPT entry to use is not relevant.