Full Changelog

Aiapy 0.4.0 (2020-12-10)


  • Added a function (sdo_location()) to obtain the SDO location at a given time. (#57)

  • Added a function (respike()) for reinserting hot pixels into level 1 images. (#62)

  • Added a function (normalize_exposure()) to normalize an image by its exposure time. (#78)

  • degradation() can now accept Time objects with length greater than 1. This makes it easier to compute the channel degradation over long intervals. (#80)

  • Citation information for aiapy is now available from __citation__. (#82)

  • The pointing table can now be passsed in as a keyword argument to update_pointing(). Added a get_pointing_table() to retrieve the 3-hour pointing table from JSOC over a given time interval. (#84)

  • Updated default calibration version to 10 Added test for version 10 (#90)

  • aiapy.calibrate.register now raises a warning if the level number is missing or is greater than 1. (#94)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated default calibration version number for degradation correction Added tests for multiple calibration versions (#74)

  • The CROTA2 keyword update in update_pointing() now includes the value of SAT_ROT from the FITS header. Previously, the keyword was only being updated with INSTROT. (#84)

  • Fixed a bug where an out of date calibration epoch was used if there were older duplicate versions available in the same epoch. (#90)

  • aiapy.calibrate.util.get_pointing_table now raises a more user-friendly RuntimeError if no pointing information can be found during the requested times. Previously it would raise a KeyError. (#91)

  • aiapy.calibrate.update_pointing now searches 12 hours either side of the map date for pointing information. This allows for some very rare instances where more than 3 hours elapses between pointing information updates. (#91)