Preparing AIA data#

The common usecase for aiapy is to transform level 1 AIA data to level 1.5. This is called procedure in SSWIDL as described in the SDO Analysis Guide.

The following example, Registering and aligning level 1 data showcases how to mimic this in Python via aiapy.

If you want to do more advanced things, for example, a PSF deconvolution. You will want to do it in the following order:

  1. PSF deconvolution (aiapy.psf.deconvolve)

  2. Pointing correction (aiapy.calibrate.update_pointing)

  3. Registration (aiapy.calibrate.register)

  4. Degradation correction (aiapy.calibrate.correct_degradation)

  5. Exposure normalization (aiapy.calibrate.normalize_exposure)

A few notes on this: