aiapy.calibrate.update_pointing(smap, *, pointing_table=None)[source]#

Update pointing information in the smap header.

This function updates the pointing information in smap by updating the CRPIX1, CRPIX2, CDELT1, CDELT2, CROTA2 keywords in the header using the information provided in pointing_table. If pointing_table is not specified, the 3-hour pointing information is queried from the JSOC.


The method removes any PCi_j matrix keys in the header and updates the CROTA2 keyword.


If correcting pointing information for a large number of images, it is strongly recommended to query the table once for the appropriate interval and then pass this table in rather than executing repeated queries.

  • smap (AIAMap) –

  • pointing_table (QTable, optional) – Table of pointing information. If not specified, the table will be retrieved from JSOC.

Return type: