Calibration (aiapy.calibrate)#

Subpackage for calibrating AIA imaging data.


correct_degradation(smap, *[, ...])

Apply time-dependent degradation correction to an AIA map.

degradation(channel, obstime, *[, ...])

Correction to account for time-dependent degradation of the instrument.

estimate_error(counts, channel, *[, ...])

Given an observed number of counts estimate the associated errors.

fetch_spikes(smap, *[, as_coords])

Returns coordinates and values of removed spikes.


Fix inaccurate HGS_LON and HGS_LAT FITS keywords.

register(smap, *[, missing, order, method])

Processes a full-disk level 1 AIAMap into a level 1.5 AIAMap.

respike(smap, *[, spikes])

Re-insert "spikes" or "hot pixels" into level 1 AIA images.

update_pointing(smap, *[, pointing_table])

Update the pointing information in the input map header.

aiapy.calibrate.util Module#

Utilities for computing intensity corrections.


get_correction_table(*[, correction_table])

Return table of degradation correction factors.

get_pointing_table(start, end)

Retrieve 3-hourly master pointing table from the JSOC.